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Marketing Tips!! Site Optimization Template

As you know Search Engine optimization is really very important. Search engines are getting so good and you need to work with them to always stay on top of your game.
First of all add your keywords in our meta tags sections go to
Sites > Edit > Meta Tags > Save > Publish
Remember to find appropriate keywords and put them in the title, page heading, introduction, in the meta description, alt tags, in links on your page and sometimes add them in bold. Next, remember to use key phrases on your file name. Use synonyms and word variations throughout your page. Use appropriate keywords in the anchor text of your content. Here is a fantastic free SEO tool and useful videos to assist you with making your sites SEO friendly, http://www.SEOWorkers.com

Create an account with Google Adword to find more keywords related to your site, then click here

Improve your sites visibility and submit your site to Google for free using Google Webmaster Tools, create an account and submit your sites here https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/
Here is a useful blog post on using Google Webmaster tools

Marketing News!!

Here are some great links to our site that will motivate and help bring in results!
Split Testing and Template Performance:

Our creative user interface team have been busy adding a new selection of templates, giving our partners more choice when launching new sites.
It’s always good to keep the template portfolio fresh and we will continue to do so as this helps you with building your portfolio with as much differentiation as possible

More template designs to choose from!
Thank you all and for those who I’ve recently met at the AFS in Las Vegas it was great pleasure meeting you and I look forward to helping you develop a profitable online dating site!

Feb 3, 2014