January meetings
These were really great days. Busy ones but lots of great time we spent together, lots of fun and this will certainly make our cooperation more trustful and solid.

Nick Dovgopolyy


Senior Partner


(+44) 20 3239 3504


Thanks to all of you guys we had some great time together in Vegas and Stockholm.
If you want to see us during one of the upcoming industry events, we’re always open for this. We will be attending The European Summit in Barcelona, Spain (March 5th till 8th 2014) and The Phoenix Forum in Tempe, Arizona, USA (March 27th till 29th).

Expand to new markets

So all the holidays left behind and it’s time to drop all your resources of making your dating business grow with us.
I know many of you promote your sites in your own language and territory being stacked with a single niche market, but if you don’t cross-sell between niches, you’re missing up to 30% additional revenue. Also, it’s not that difficult to run your site in a language you don’t understand. It’s just a matter of proper translation you can easily get from one of freelancers working online.
Talk to me to get more information on profitable markets and working on the expand strategy together. I’ll be happy to help you earn more money!

Valentine’s Day

February is always a big month for dating in general, lots of lonely people looking to find love. Now is the time to start rolling out new sites for people in the lonely hearts club so we can get them signed up too!

Video Tutorials

Do you know that we have our channel on YouTube with some video istructions aimed to make you more familiar with our platform? Check it out and let us know if there’s anything else you’d like to be discussed there.

Have anything to discuss?

Please get in contact with me:
Nick Dovgopolyy
Senior Partner Manager
Skype: nick_datingfactory
Phone: +44 20 3239 3504
Feb 3, 2014