In my last post, I showed you how to work your Google+ page, find hot trends and how to find people and groups with interests in your niche site to build a circle, or list, with whom you can engage.
In this post, I will show you how to create posts that appear on page 1 of Google virtually instantaneously for long tail keywords, which can drive traffic to your site. My Google+ have amazed me – with only 306 followers, I have had over 1.8 million page views. This is not just down to followers and circles – it’s down to posts and the keywords for which they appear.

Improving SEO

I discovered the Google+ post method by accident really, not through any research or science. It just struck me as a good idea to leverage Google+ with posts, primarily aimed at my circles, which are into adult and casual dating.
Here’s a screenshot of one of my Google+ posts for the keywords “New York City girls looking for love” on page 1 of Google:

The link opens up the post on my Google+ page, which has the link to my dedicated landing page for NYC women looking for dates at I Date Relationship.  I created this dedicated landing page based on my recent post about building structure and depth to your dating site, which you can read here.
So page 1 on Google with a Google+ post for a long tail keyword can be achieved through this method. And it can be done instantly, as I will now demonstrate. I have a tailored landing page for LA ladies looking for love, a dedicated page on I Date Relationship, which I haven’t posted to my Google+ page. When I search on the term “LA ladies looking for love”, these are the Google first page results – no sign of any Google+ post:

I add a post to my Google+ page, including the keyword string in the first line of the post, with a link to my landing page, and the page 1 search now shows my post instantly at spot 2 on page 1:

The post is recorded as being made 8 seconds ago, yet is on page 1 instantly. The applications of this technique are many, the main one in my view being based on keyword research and finding high volume keywords to use in the intro to the post.
Another technique I find useful is to subscribe to Google alerts on targeted keywords to find related posts which you can post as links onto your Google+ page. Type in a keyword or keyword string and Google will send you a summary of related posts at a frequency you can set to an email address of your choice. This gives you a pool of relevant content for your Google+ circles which you can share, include a hashtag and a link to your dating site if relevant. Remember not to overdo it with overt site promotion – the objective is to build circles and engage with their populations, and this is one way of doing it. You can also use this technique to post to your Facebook pages, which was the subject of two recent posts which you can find here: How to build a Facebook page and How to add images and build a list on Facebook.


  • Google+ posts are a great way of promoting niche sites and dedicated landing pages targeted at specific locations
  • Google+ posts can rank instantly on Page 1 of Google, as demonstrated above.
  • Use Google alerts to find related content to post to your Google+ and Facebook pages.
  • Experiment with high volume targeted keywords and use these posts as SEO friendly adverts to promote and review your dating sites.

Good luck!