This month I will be discussing summer offers, domain names and front page optimization.

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Just by changing your registration from to using a short one, you can increase the amount of registrations for you site, as some people can be put off by a longer registration form.
As always any questions you have please feel free to contact me using to details on the right hand side
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Summer is magic, is magic, oh oh oh

Everyone will remember this old song from the 90’s when online dating was not even in anyone’s plans.
Today, we base our business on online dating and we want to turn this summer into magic numbers for you all. Please contact me if you want to know how summer special offers work in your country.


Domain names

How do you choose your domain name?

  • think about a domain name which has top keyword in it
  • if you are targeting a specific country, choose a domain in the local language and with proper extension
  • expired domains with good history are always good. Check on expireddomains.net to see if you can find something that suits your business


Front Page Optimization

I constantly work on front page optimization, some of you might have received my email with tips and suggestions already.
Common suggestions are:

  • replace your old template with a new one
  • replace Simple Registration Form with Short registration form, better conversion
  • enrich your front page text
  • make sure you have a logo on your site, brand is important

July 2, 2014