Last month I made my way down to Southern California to attend iDate in Beverly Hills. We had a pre-conference event, and then dinner that night. The pre-conference event was rather informative, and dinner was great – Everyone loves Italian food.

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Later this month I will be up North in Quebec for the Quebec Expo. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Canada so I am looking forward to it. If anyone wants to meet up in Quebec please let me know.

Visability & SEO Tips

Making sure your site is visible is important. You want to create unique content such as ebooks, and adding in other pages for SEO in the background. Targeting specific keywords is great but go after words that have less competition – One of our newer partners went after a little used name and ended up on the top page of Google. Also, don’t forget image searches too – ad in keywords to the alt tags! Setting up Facebook pages is a great idea too – we have a lot of people that drive all of their traffic from Facebook pages. YouTube channels too! You want to stand out from all of the other dating sites!
Creating a blog is also great too – check out for some great blog tips! In fact, check out our blog on a regular basis – it’s full of great ideas and information!
Also, be careful when buying links. Google can see this and penalize you for it.

Site Reviews

One of the things I’ve been doing the past few months is site reviews – looking over sites and looking to make improvements. Dating Factory does a lot of A/B testing, and we can see from our stats what works and what doesn’t.
Some of you are using templates that we shouldn’t be using, and all of us should be using the short registration forms – it’s so easy to change.
If you want me to look over your sites and recommend some changes please contact me and let me know… I would love to do this for you!

July 2, 2014