While the world cup is in full swing in Brazil, let me share couple more tips with you, so you could get more natural traffic coming to your sites.

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I hope these tips help you achieve your goals and improve your website traffic.
Have a great month! 🙂

Onsite optimization. Filenames, page names, directory naming, copy, internal linking

  • Search engines indexing directory names and using relative keywords in this area will play a role in your overall search engine marketing strategy. Make sure at least one keyword or keyword phrase appears in the directory name. Don’t forget to use hyphens (-) to separate the words.
  • Same with new pages. Keep it relevant. For example if you want to place an article on Vegetarians dating in London, name the page vegetarians-dating-in-london and keep close to the topic in the article. Use the relevant keywords several times there.
  • Give relevant names to the files you’re uploading and don’t forget alt attributes
  • Although internal linking doesn’t have the same value as external, it adds some positive points anyway plus makes it easier for the visitors to navigate throughout the site. Use hyperlinks in the copy with anchor text. Examples: Here at our <a href=”http://sitename.com/”>dating site for people with disabilities</a> you can find… Don’t waste your time and <a href=”http://sitename.com/register/”>create your profile</a> now for free!


Content is King!

  • Your content should be written in a way that grabs the user’s attention, while utilizing your targeted keywords and keyword phrases. There is a method to placement of the keywords and keyword phrases that will help your web site gain better placement in the search engines. Balance is essential and creating that balance takes knowledge and experience.
  • You should make it your goal to add at least one new page of content daily if possible. If not, then once a week is acceptable. You want to keep your website content fresh to get and stay on high position on SERPs
  • Don’t forget about page names and internal linking and make sure you added new page with content to XML sitemap (there’s a checkbox)
  • Work on standard wording on your site. Change the text above the registration form to a custom one. Change everything which is the same across the platform.
  • Create a blog running on sub-domain and update it regularly

If you have any questions or if you need any kind of assistance, please get in contact with me, I’m always happy to help!

July 2, 2014