Simple editing mode for your web-sites is now available. Even if you don’t have any HTML knowledge we have made it easy for you to edit your web-sites on Dating Factory platform. Simply login to your Dating Factory account and go to:
Sites → Edit → Front page (simple)
…and upload your logo and edit your web-site’s slogan and text in the specially designated fields!
Simple site editor
If you still prefer full HTML editing – you will find it in your admin at the same place as before:
Sites → Edit → Front page (advanced)
Advanced site editor
Gay dating and Gay casual niche markets launched. For all of you who were asking us about gay niche we are launching Gay Dating and Gay Casual niches this week. Now you will be able to create and promote dating and casual sites for gays or lesbians or mixed gay/lesbian sites to suit everybody’s needs! We have also pre-populated them with the gay population of our mainstream dating and casual niches, so you won’t be starting from scratch and will receive instant conversion rates and quick revenues from your new sites!
Check out our new niches and templates in Sites – Create a site option in your admin area!
Gay niche templates
Export your reports to CSV and Excel. We have added the function that will make analysing your reports even easier! After creating your report in your administration area you can now download your data in CSV or Excel 2007 format and then work further with the figures
Just choose the format you prefer and click the “Export data” button to save your file and start working with it!
Export your reports
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