Having created landing pages for either targeted PPC campaigns, or site depth and internal link building, there are a number of ways that the landing pages can be further customised.

Unique Customised Text

Each landing page should have its own unique text developed – after all, the page has been created with a specific niche, territory or sub-set in mind. Include relevant target keywords in the text, and use H1, H2 and H3 tags with keywords highlighted in bold. Add in text links to both external sites and internal pages – for example if you are writing text for a landing page dedicated to New York City, and you also have a landing page for the USA, include the link for the USA landing page as a text link on the New York City page, and vice versa.

Text links using deep links

If you have other sites that are targeting the USA or New York, include text links to these sites as well. Deep links are links which target pages off the main page, so if you have a structured hierarchy of “mainsite/usa/nyc” the USA and NYC pages are deep links in the site, which again emphasizes depth, content and structure.Text should be added into each page, including the main home page, before the finaltag.

Customised IM Popup

Add in a customised targeted IM pop up chat box from Dating Factory’s promo tools, selecting the appropriate criteria (country / region / city, men seeking /women seeking) that the landing page is targeting. Once the code is generated, add the code into the landing page’s HTML code before the lasttag – this will ensure that the pop up chat box will only appear for the specific landing page.

Customised members’ block.

Member’s profiles can be generated using Dating Factory’s dynamically generated customisable member feeds from the real members of the promoted sites. The member block can be totally customised in terms of dimensions (rows & columns), title and description, country / city / region selection and member preferences, such as men seeking women or women seeking couples.

Related sites

Add in links to related sites, either those that you own, or from Dating Factory’s extensive list of affiliate sites.

Related images

Add in images to your site as graphical content, remembering to include the “alt” tag to attach keyword rich text to the image – search engines will use the “alt” text where available to index the image.

Related Video

Include relevant video content from YouTube by embedding videos into your site.

Social Buttons

Include social buttons to enable your visitors and members to share you site link socially on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. One of the easiest ways to do this is using free code from AddThis.
This is a screenshot of a site landing page I have recently launched, targeting New Jersey singles:
For more information on how to leverage Dating Factory’s promo tools, read my article here or check out Dating Factory’s tutorials.

In Summary:

Customise your bespoke landing page with:

  • Unique text;
  • Deep links to internal pages and external sites;
  • Dating Factory promo tools, such as IM popups and members’ blocks;
  • Site links for external sites or Dating Factory affiliate sites;
  • Relevant images and video content.

Good luck!