Yvette FearonHello Partners!
I would like to congratulate those of you who have worked hard and stayed
dedicated to their ambitions of developing a successful dating site.

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Keeping the faith that time and hard work does pay-off! I do my best to keep up with all my affiliates to ensure that you all have the help and attention you need to maintain your business goals. My monthly newsletter is provided to keep you up to date with new promotions and incentives for your members as well as providing you with the knowledge of how to market your sites cost effectively and efficiently generating more traffic and conversions to increase your revenue. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any assistance.
This Month I would like to focus on marketing your sites through site design and optimization!

Landing Pages

Your Landing page are customizable so take advantage of that with these helpful tips:
1. Keyword Search
#1. An Effective Landing Page Grabs Visitors Attention
Here is the minimum of what you want your visitor to understand. In seconds from landing on your page:

  • What can I get here? Talk about what every visitor cares most about – herself and her problems. What will the visitor get from your site and how will that benefit them?
  • Did you know that simply using the wrong color can be a put off psychologically to people? For example using a lot of red (that you may think is associated with love) can actually instil the wrong reaction in people.
  • The amount of fields in your registration box. Having too many can make people think they can’t be bothered to go to the hassle of actually registering. Try our tested short registration form, but remember if you’re working with a niche you will need to take in to account an extra field is required. For example in the disabled niche you will need to keep “health condition”
  • Do you have a language picker on your site? I see many sites that are just in one language that have a language picker in the corner. If you don’t need it then let’s remove it!
  • The tag line on your site is very important…personalize it, target it to your users.
  • Having a logo on your site is another important aspect. Many sites I see do not have one. If you need help producing one, just let me know.
  • The images on your site will make a big impact to your users. Ensure it is just right for your niche and site. Getting it wrong can influence the decision a person will make about if the register on your site or not.

#2. An Effective Landing Page Communicates in a Simple, Clear way
When a visitor lands on your page, the first question they’ll have is:
“What is this? Is this what I am looking for? Or should I hit the ‘back’ button?”
Answer this question right away. You goal is to capture their interest, so they’ll read on.
Explain what your website / product is, using clear, simple and unambiguous language.
#3. An Effective Landing Page Calls the Visitor to Perform an Action
By implementing our Short Registration Form macro your members will have less fields to enter which makes sign up faster and easier.
“Call to action”, or CTA, is a key element of the landing page.

  • Your CTA button. What is written on it, does the color stand out? Green is a great color to use here, as long as it doesn’t clash with your color scheme.

#4. An Effective Landing Page Builds Trust and Credibility
People buy from people. People they trust. So you need to build that trust.
Upload an SSL security seal image to let your members know that their information is SAFE.
If you need assistance with these small changes please let me know and I will be happy to help.
I hope this information provides some insight on how to help better market your sites. I am consistently reviewing sites and will contact each of you so we can go over ways to redesign and optimize your sites. If I haven’t contacted you yet… please get in touch.
For more tips and current information please visit our site www.datingfactory.com https://datingfactory.com/news/
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Webmaster Access

29 Days Left
Webmaster Access 19th to 22nd of September


Voting has begun…

I’m proud to announce that Dating Factory has been nominated for two categories at the YNOT Awards taking place at the end of September. We are in the running for “Best Dating Company” and “Best White Label Provider.”
Dating Factory CEO Tanya Fathers has been nominated for “Businesswoman of the Year”.
Cristiana Scolaro has been nominated in the category of “Best Industry Representative”.
You can vote here http://www.ynotawards.com/voter.htm
Also, you still have time to register for free for The European Summit – click on the link below

September 1, 2014