We haven’t even noticed the arrival of a new season – welcome Spring or welcome Autumn – depending on where you are of course.:) A new season also means new developments for Dating Factory and our partners, so we are sharing them with you in our regular newsletter.
So what have we got for you this month’s updates? Well; New GEO Macros, Nudist dating niche market launch and a new Dating Factory COO announced – the first March newsletter from the Dating Factory team!

Lisa Moskotova is announced as Chief Operating Officer of Dating Factory

New GEO macros are now available

More new templates available

New niche market ideas

Photo filter launch for your sites’ members

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Lisa Moskotova is announced as Chief Operating Officer of Dating Factory

Caerus AG announced on February, 26 the appointment of Lisa Moskotova (Steshenko) as the Chief Operating Officer of Dating Factory. Lisa is well known in the white label dating industry and joins us from World Dating Partners. She has an outstanding record in managing operations and customer care and is greatly respected by peers and partners alike, so she will be a great addition to the Dating Factory team.

Read the full article >>>

We wish Lisa the best of luck and are happy to welcome her to our dynamic and professional team of forward thinkers – we are sure that she will be able to enhance your partner experience and the platform performance in the nearest future.

New GEO macros are now available

With the competition in the dating industry growing every day, we are
constantly looking for ways to improve your conversion rates so you could
minimise your advertising costs. As you already know the country that
appears at the top of choice on Registration and Search forms is geo-
targeted by the IP-address of the viewer. Now we have come up with a new
useful tool for your landing pages.

Now, new dynamic GEO macros are available for you to use on any page of your site if it is hosted with Dating Factory:

{%GEO_COUNTRY%} – if used on the page will insert the country of the viewer dynamically detected by IP-address

{%GEO_REGION%} – will do the same for the region/county/state (depending on the country of the user)

{%GEO_CITY%} – as you may have already guessed will do the same for the city.

So now you can use the phrases like the ones below on your sites’ pages:

Find dates in {%GEO_COUNTRY%}!
Thousands of members joining in {%GEO_REGION%} every day.

New dates in {%GEO_CITY%} at {%HOST%}!

This is a proven technology that increases your visitors to registrations conversion rates by up to 8%!* Make sure you employ it on your sites especially if you are running PPC campaigns. Please bear in mind that the Country macro has proven to work the best as cities may be determined incorrectly due to the user ISPs and IP-addresses inaccuracy.

More new templates available

Here are some more new templates we are adding for you this week:

Lesbian dating niche market:
Lesbian dating niche market
General gay casual niche market:
General gay casual niche market
BBW/BHM casual niche market:
BBW/BHM casual niche market
Gay dating for men niche market:
Gay dating for men niche market:

More great and colourful templates are coming soon – we will keep you posted!

Nudist niche market

New niche market ideas

We are happy to launch the new niche market, the idea for this comes from one of our partners – Nudist dating. As it turned out there is a high demand for this niche on the dating market and we have found quite a few members interested in this in our existing database so we could launch this niche market straight away.

It will become available in your administration area this week – make sure you benefit from this new cross-selling opportunity.

Photo filter launch for your sites’ members

And finally – here is the tool that women on your casual web-sites were asking for based on our customer feedback research!

Tomorrow we are launching the photo filter. This will give your members the ability to filter out the pictures they don’t want to see while browsing the web-sites. Now they are fully in control of what they want to see on the website and in email notifications.

The pictures are rated as follows:

Normal – pictures with no nudity at all
Sexy – erotic pictures but no below waist nudity allowed
XXX – very explicit pictures that include below waist nudity

The member can choose what pictures they want to see, and if they choose to see for example only Normal pictures, the rest will be covered and hidden from the view.

The photo filter is located on every page of the site except Upgrade and Account details pages in the top right corner:

Photo Filter

And there is also the opportunity to set it in the Account settings for those members who don’t have JavaScript enabled in their browsers.


To add this new functionality and some other major improvements to the system, the Dating Factory technical team will be performing an important update which will require us to stop the system. During this time your sites won’t be accessible from the web.

This update will take place at 6 a.m. GMT on Tuesday, March, 2 and will last up to 30 minutes. We have chosen this time frame as this is statistically the time with the lowest server load and member activity on your sites. Please make sure you disable your PPC campaigns during this time.

We are also working on the new tutorials for our administration area and keep adding them to the Tutorials section and uploading them to our forum. All you need to do to keep an eye on the new ones being added, is to subscribe to our Forum RSS feed below:


We will keep you posted on all the new developments happening at Dating Factory in our mid March newsletter in two weeks, and meanwhile keep an eye on the news and updates on our web-site!


As always – thank you for reading!

Best wishes from
DatingFactory.com Team