Here is the next regular newsletter from Dating Factory team to keep you in the loop of the latest developments, trends and ideas that are flying around in the buzz of our creative marketing and development teams.

Carry on reading to find out about the new big niche we are launching soon and how it will affect your sites on Dating Factory platform, and also what your members asked us to add to your sites.

New big niche launch

Based on the sites members’ feedback, market research, advertising strategies and your requests we are renaming our existing Casual niche into Casual adult and creating a Casual dating one. This will be a mixture of adult and dating niches but without any XXX content – just a relaxed environment for people to meet each other without any serious relationships in mind.

Of course we will be inviting all the existing members to join the new niche, and you will get your commission if they do come and join via a special RefID system.

You will be able to see your revenues via the special cross-selling campaigns that will be created in your account automatically.

We will announce the niche launch separately and you will be very much welcome to create new sites there to add new cross-selling opportunities to your dating business.

In the meantime if you have any comments about this or want your members to be excluded from the invitation to the Casual dating niche, please email, call or Skype Lisa Moskotova or your account manager, and we will add them to the exclusion list:

Skype: helado
Phone: +44(0)2032393329

Attention SugarDaddy and Nudist dating sites owners!

As we are creating a new niche and based on the member requests we are also planning to move SugarDaddy and Nudist dating niche markets to the new Casual dating niche and are developing the mechanism for doing it right now.

If you for some reason want to leave your web-site on the Casual adult niche please send an email, call or contact Lisa Moskotova on Skype and we will discuss all the options!

Submit your web-sites to the Affiliate network now!

As we mentioned in our previous newsletters the first version of Dating Factory Affiliate network is almost ready and will be launched soon.

Some of you have already submitted your sites to participate in our launch but those who would like to do this but for some reason missed our first call – be sure to submit your best performing sites by March, 20.

If you need more information about this – please ask your account manager and you will get all the information about participating in the Affiliate network.

Submit your sites now!

Hurry up – you have only one week left to do this!

Member poll results – what new features your members have voted for

As you may have noticed in the last newsletter that we sent out to your members we have asked them what features they wanted us to implement first on your sites.

The results were a real eye opener for Dating Factory marketing team. It turned out that the feature that was thought to be popular on the social networking web-sites came last in our dating and adult sites poll!

Here is what your members are looking forward to in order of the number of votes:

1) Send and receive SMS from other members (52.2%)
2) Have fun and make friends with member BLOG (14.7%)
3) Explore 3D Virtual dating (13.3%)

Member poll results

…and the two outsiders are Mobile dating (11.6%) and Events calendar (8.2%) that just proves the point that dating market is very different from the social networking one.

Based on the member poll results SMS dating is what our development team will be keeping themselves busy with this spring alongside with member blogs and some more exciting features for you and your marketing campaigns – we will announce some of them in our next newsletter!