In the online dating industry, things are always changing. We are always trying to update software, facilities for members and the general way of using systems. Being an internet based industry, a lot of the communicating is done online. So a few times a year, a number of people that work in the dating industry get together to catch up and talk about new business opportunities.
A big thank you to Nick Tsinonis, the co-founder of Intro Analytics, is in order for organising this event. I think I speak for everyone when I say it was a good night. We gathered in a bar in Soho, London. It was so nice to finally put some faces to the names I know and meet some new people along the way. Nick taught me about using algorithms to match people; I had the age old discussion with Dan Winchester about free dating sites vs. paid dating sites and dare I say it? I overhead Mark Harrison and Angus Thody discussing dating for druids! I think that was a bit later in the evening though, which may explain a few things.
Thank you, again, to Nick who provided us with a great event and thanks to everyone who came – it was lovely to meet you all.
Lara Hryniewicz
Customer Relations Manager