An Interview with Agile Wings’ CRO Jenny Gonzalez

After quite a few partners voiced their demand for White Labels, Agile Wings were faced with a decision; develop their own White Label, or purchase a pre-existing, well-established White Label company.
Gonzalez describes how Agile Wings approached many of their biggest competitors, some of the biggest players in the White Label provider-market, before finding the perfect match in Dating Factory.
“After gauging what the market was like, [Agile Wings] decided that they wanted to purchase Dating Factory because of the international factor; the number of languages offered, and sites, and existing partners that Dating Factory had. It was a really good addition to the business that the group already had.”
Gonzalez believes that the evolution of the company has been nothing but beneficial for Agile Wings, and partners alike.
“The new Dating Factory has a lot of guts…we’ve reduced chargebacks at an incredible level, we’ve become more profitable, and we’re working closer with our business partners, and our development… I think that’s the biggest difference – it’s a partner-centric, business driven company.”

Gonzalez believes that the biggest changes to the Online Dating industry, pushing it in a niche direction, has come as a direct result of the consumers becoming more Tech-Savvy, and realizing precisely what they want.