In addition to our previous post, I’d like to highlight another great tool Google offers for free.
Many of you may have already noticed a new feature in your Google Analytics accounts – a set of reports called “Search Engine Optimization”.
This is important for SEO because you can see the number of times your website is shown in results (impressions) along with clicks, giving you an indication of how relevant your website is in relation to what people are searching for. It’s a Great tool for those of you who would like to improve rankings of your sites to get more visitors, and as a result – have more conversions without paying for traffic. Of course natural traffic is not the best converting one, but hey, it’s free! And of course conversion depends on how well you choose your keywords.
You can find the reports in the new interface, under the “Traffic Sources” section. It is necessary to have an active Google Webmaster account with your site verified there.
There are few steps you need to do in order to Enable Webmaster Tools data in Google Analytics:

Now if you did everything right, you’ll be able to see the data in the SEO reports.
Is Google really going to help you with your SEO?
The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) reports in Google Analytics provide information about Google Web Search queries that have returned URL results from your site.
With the SEO reports in Analytics, you can easily compare Google Web Search impressions and clicks for your site to other traffic source data from Analytics, such as paid AdWords impressions and clicks, and make up your mind on the best and most efficient channels for promoting your site.
By identifying the Google Web Search queries that drive traffic to your site, you can also learn which AdWords keywords make the most sense for your business objectives. In addition, you can identify how to optimize your website for both content and search quality – it’s very important to work on the long tail to improve conversions!

The SEO Queries Report

The Queries report shows the Google search queries that generated the most impressions for your website URLs. By using this report, you can identify search queries for which your site has a good average position, but poor click-through rates. These are queries for which your pages get attention, so improved content could lead to more visitors.

Landing Pages Report

The Landing Pages report shows how many times your top landing pages were shown in search results, again along with average position and CTR.

Geographical Summary

The Geographical report shows you impressions and click-through by country – great for international SEO where you target other countries.

Once you master these reports they will undoubtedly offer some good insight into not only how your site is performing, but some very good insight into how the Google SERPs actually function.
Read more about this new tool here

Mobile Reports

Dating Factory introduced mobile versions of the sites a few months ago. Mobile traffic previously seemed to get neglected and yet it has so much potential and is really all the rage now. Google Analytics assists you in tracking the performance of the Mobile versions of your sites as well.

Mobile statistics section also allows you to track Page/Visits ratio, Avg.Visit Duration, % of New Visits and Bounce Rate.
With these statistics you can adjust your Mobile site version accordingly, to achieve higher conversion rates with the traffic you have:

Try various options Dating Factory offers for the landing page of your Mobile version and stay focused on the statistics to find the best Mobile site design for your traffic. Be ready to test and customize and you’ll soon be able to give exact answer to the question: “What can I do to immediately assure visitors through this landing page, that I can offer what they’ve not been able to find?”
Read more about this tool here.
Your SEO and promotion campaigns will be much more effective if you persistently keep your eye on statistics and try to adjust your traffic attraction methods, promo and SEO tools according to the reports you get both from Google Analytics and Dating Factory. You will see the reaction of members to the design of your site and you should also pay attention to particular site features that you have recently changed or optimized.
Hope this info will help you to bring your site higher in SERPs position and let you enjoy the growth of your traffic and conversion rates.
Sergey Zhyrov
Account manager
Dating Factory