As September fades to October, we switch our lives into autumn mode. The best thing about autumn is increased activity on dating sites, which results in more sales on your pages. That’s why this is the time to review what you have on your sites and get better results. Especially now, when you have us to advise you!

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This week we will focus on how to select efficient keywords for your site. “Researching dating keyword terms and niches is a continuous activity for any webmaster serious about developing a successful portfolio of dating sites. Competition is fierce, some markets are very crowded and loyalty is hard to gain and sustain,” says Steven Bolton, the author of this week’s article. Read more…

Get to Know a Few of Our Best Affiliates

Being passionate about your work is not a mandatory component for getting positive results, but passion can make all the difference when working with niche sites. Today we put our traditional questions to Karin Ridgers, a friend from the UK who runs a dating site for vegetarians. Karin is not only a site owner but also a vegetarian herself, which defines her promotional strategy. Who else would know more about vegetarian life than a vegetarian?

  1. Karin Ridgers Who are you? Where are you from? What do you do in life?

    My name is Karin Ridgers. I am based in the UK and an ethical entrepreneur! In addition to doing PR for people and gaining them lots of free editorial coverage in magazines, newspapers, radio and TV; I run VeggieVision TV and am so pleased also to be running

  2. When did you start working in the on-line dating industry?

    A few years ago I was approached by WDP as they wanted to set up a vegetarian dating site. A few of the VeggieVision viewers had been asking how they could connect with other positive likeminded VeggieVision viewers, and it was great timing. I had to wait until the branding was sorted out for the whole of the VeggieVision business and then I started to work with WDP. I think it is a great exciting industry and I am so pleased to be able to run my own dating site!

  3. Can you remember what you spent your first cheque on?

    Really, I just put it back into Google advertising!

  4. What are your favorite promotional methods?

    I enjoy PR as this is my business. I like engaging in mutually beneficial joint ventures – I like it being win win – so maybe running a competition to win memberships or sponsoring/supporting singles nights so you can actually get to meet people and they can meet and trust you.

  5. Can you tell us your words of wisdom for newbie’s?

    Know that with anything, what you put in is what you may be able to get out. Don’t expect to sit back and enjoy a passive income. If it was that simple everyone would be doing it. We are lucky to be working with the Dating Factory – they have done the hard work of perfecting an amazing system for us. We still have to put the effort in and gain awareness and new members. You must work at it.

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