Good news, everyone!
Another cold season is almost over, but while it was could outside it has never been so in Dating Factory offices.

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Senior Partner

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We’ve been having some hot time making the best product on the market even better:
– Registration wizard: Multistep, interactive registration form. Easily integrated within your landing page, with simple API to post member data to your site.
Find it under promo tools section and use for your advertising campaigns. This tool helps improving uniques/registrations ratio.

– Short Registration Form: a tried and tested form to speed up registrations. If you want to replace existing registration form on your site with the new one, please go to Front page (adnvaced), locate existing registration macro in your site HTML and replace it with the RegistrationShortMacro from the dropdown list (just choose it and insert it into the same place where you had old macro).

New templates

There will be more exciting news next month, so stay tuned!

New offers

During March your users can take advantage of our various seasonal spring special offers. It’s a good time to send them a newsletter to inform them about it, this will help to increase your conversion.
Contact me if you want more details on the offers we are running in your area!

This month Dating Factory is turning 5 and to celebrate…

We are giving you the opportunity to win an Xbox and 3D projector at TES Barcelona!
Simply visit us at our stand, drop your business card to us and give us your details and we will enter you in the prize draw.
The winner will be announced on the 7th so don’t miss out.
This competition is for affiliates only.
There is still time to register to come and see us there

Press Release Tips to Get You Noticed

Are you using press releases as part of your marketing strategy?
Press releases are great for spreading a word about your site. When you create a press release and distribute it using a press release distribution service, it spreads your release to numerous news and niche websites. There are lots of PR distribution services available online: both free and paid. Make some researches and start using them.

  1. Start with a good heading: it’s really important to have your headline engaging. This will draw readers in
  2. Use keywords: If you want your press release to be found when people search for certain keywords, use Google AdWords keyword planner (or any other similar service) to find out what keywords in the niche market of your choice people are searching for. Make sure you’re using the keywords in a natural way.
  3. Try to put all the major info into your first paragraph. Just try to imagine yourself they won’t read more than just one paragraph. But stay natural: nobody likes reading rubbish texts.
  4. Include contact info. Don’t forget to have Web links and or social media links.
  5. Keep the frequency. I recommend distributing one release a month. One release won’t drive tons of traffic to your site, but over time, it will help you get more visibility online and get more traffic.

So now you have something to work on. Hard work will certainly pay off.
Fight spring avitaminosis, have vitamins.
And remember, if you have any questions, please get in contact with me.

Nick Dovgopolyy
Senior Partner Manager
Skype: nick_datingfactory
Phone: +44 20 3239 3504
Mar 3, 2014