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Dating Factory has new short registration forms that have proven to help conversions in a big way.

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This new short form has less information for new members to fill out to register. To install this on your site, all you need to do is go to the “front page advanced” section of your site and search for {%RegistrationSimpleMacro%} and replace with {%RegistrationShortMacro%} and then click on save (and publish). This should help with conversions in a big way.

New offers

During March your users can take advantage of our various seasonal spring special offers. It’s a good time to send them a newsletter to inform them about it, this will help to increase your conversion.
Contact me if you want more details on the offers we are running in your area!

This month Dating Factory is turning 5 and to celebrate…

We are giving you the opportunity to win an Xbox and 3D projector at TES Barcelona!
Simply visit us at our stand, drop your business card to us and give us your details and we will enter you in the prize draw.
The winner will be announced on the 7th so don’t miss out.
This competition is for affiliates only.
There is still time to register to come and see us there

Our Blog…

Every day I get asked about marketing, and there is one single answer that will make you rich. However, we do have a very well written blog that has a vast amount of tips and tricks which makes it a must read. Check it out at

Future Conventions

I’ll be back on the road again for March. I’ll start off with attending Affiliate Days in San Francisco March 19th, and then exactly a week later I’m flying out to Phoenix for the Phoenix Forum. I’ll also be in New Orleans for Internext the following month as well. If anyone wants to meet up with me please let me know and I’ll make it happen.

New Templates:

Dating Factory has been creating some really great new templates. These are really good looking and high converting templates so please check them out:

Dating Music Dating Music General Casual


Social Media!

Last but not least this month, check out our social media:

Mar 3, 2014