Spring greetings to you all!
In January I told you this year I was all about getting your sites moving and optimising them as much as possible, so I have focused this month on two features I think will really help you all and are so easy for you to implement yourselves.

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Obviously, as always I am here if you need me! Let’s get the good times rolling!

Registration Wizard

Freshly launched is our brand new multistep, interactive registration form. Easily integrated within your landing page, with simple API to post member data to your site. You can find this new tool in the promo tools section of your admin. There is also a selection of designs depending on your niche market!
Simply head into the promo tools section, choose the site you would like to apply the wizard too and follow the simple instructions to apply to your chosen site.

Make sure to save and publish your changes for this to go live on your site!

Short Registration form

Our new short registration is designed to optimise your site and improve registrations for you. Encouraging users more as they have less information to provide to sign up and getting them inside faster…at the end of the day the less you need to sign up to a site the more likely you are to enter it right?!
It is simple and easy to apply to your site. Go to Edit Site>> Front Page Advanced and look in your HTML for your registration macro {%RegistrationSimpleMacro%}

Click on the drop down box below and select the new macro {%RegistrationShortMacro%}

And insert this into your HTML in place of the old one. Be sure to save your changes, preview the changes to make sure all is well and then publish for us to set your new registration form live!

New offers

During March your users can take advantage of our various seasonal spring special offers. It’s a good time to send them a newsletter to inform them about it, this will help to increase your conversion.
Contact me if you want more details on the offers we are running in your area!

This month Dating Factory is turning 5 and to celebrate…

We are giving you the opportunity to win an Xbox and 3D projector at TES Barcelona!
Simply visit us at our stand, drop your business card to us and give us your details and we will enter you in the prize draw.
The winner will be announced on the 7th so don’t miss out.
This competition is for affiliates only.
There is still time to register to come and see us there

New templates

We are working hard to make sure you always have access to a fresh selection of templates for your sites. Check out a few of the new ones for this month…

Casual Dating Music Niche


Our Social Media

I would like to remind you all that you can follow Dating Factory on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more social media platforms for updates, news and industry insights.
You can now also find me on Twitter, where I will be posting updates, tips and news for you regularly.
I would also encourage you to look at these platforms to your advantage for your sites, they are great to keep your content fresh and get you ranked better with search engines….we want you at the top!

Domains for sale

More available on request. Please contact me if you are interested in any of the domains listed too!

Mar 3, 2014