As the number of Jewish singles logging onto the Internet in search of finding true love continues to grow, welcomes the Jewish Dating niche to their white label dating platform.

With millions of daters looking online to find a special love connection, it is no wonder that thousands of sites are now available catering to almost any niche imaginable. is known for its ability to anticipate the needs of its partners and continues to enhance their platform to ensure that members are easily able to find what they are looking for, adding the Jewish Dating niche to their customizable platform aims to make that search even easier.
Dating within the Jewish community continues to be of great importance for many, as being Jewish is more than just an identification with a religious faith, it is also a strong connection with an ethnic and cultural group. Judaism is a religion with rich traditions and values and a strong sense of community. When choosing a partner it only makes sense to seek out someone who shares a sense of community, culture, and heritage.
Dating Factory now supports close to 60 niches, including many different cultural, ethnic, and lifestyle markets,” said Tanya Fathers, CEO of Dating Factory. “We feel it is important to give our partners all the tools necessary to target their websites to the desired audience. The decision to add the Jewish Dating niche to our platform was based on the increasing popularity of online dating in the Jewish community.”
About Dating Factory: was established in 2009 and is an international white label dating platform with over 30,000 partners worldwide. operates in 22 languages and supports 58 niche markets.