At dating factory we can run reports on just about anything to give you a detailed insight into the profile of the paying customer. Some of the most interesting ones are based on criteria coming from the questionnaire that people fill out when registering.
Today I just couldn’t resist running a report on some of our casual sites comparing payments to size (or claimed size) of the male members “member”.

Reports can be fun as well as informative

The results were a real eye opener, well one eye at least. As an average across a dozen sites in 4 different countries the conversion rate from free member to paid was a respectable 14%. The really stunning statistic was the conversion to paying member of the people who had taken the time to fill out the information describing the size of their manhood.
9% of all people who registered took the time to tell us how big they felt their penis is. Of this 9% a stunning average of 66% converted to paying members. Now there are four possible answers to the question, “Dear Member, how big is your member?” These start at “Not too big”, then move on to a modest “Just about average” then they are given the choice between “Bigger than average” and finally “Really Huge”.
This is how their conversions measured up compared to the long term running average:

  • Not too big – 36.67%
  • Just average – 59.56%
  • Bigger than average – 67.53%
  • Really Huge – 101.72% (yes someone paid twice!!)

Taken in the context as a percentage of the total paying members; this group account for 46% of the total paying members from these sites.

What does this tell us?

Joking apart, what this tells us, is not just that we need to target guys who brag about the size of their manhood. This generally leads us to the conclusion that the more we engage with our members the more likely we are to have them pay for membership.
I find the most interesting part of this is that these are all people who engaged with the website in a much more in depth way than the other 91% who registered and as such were much more committed to the community they joined.
My take away is that we must engage much more and a much more personal level with our members if we can do that we will move revenues onto a totally different level.
Mark Harrison – VP Sales