RelationshipsAn amusing footnote to my previous posting.
It seems in Germany at least there is a great need for people to spice up their love lives.

I was just out to lunch with my wife in Hannover. On the way back to the office I happened to read a news screen in the underground that sheds a depressing light on the level of bedroom activity in Germany during this “cold snap”.
Instead of getting closer to their men to warm themselves up this winter, it seems that German woman have found an infinitely less exciting way to keep their temperatures high. German shops are reporting a record year in the sales of hot water bottles, almost all have been sold to women of all ages.
Maybe that’s why the men have started looking elsewhere for a little action. However on the plus side, it does mean that we won’t have as many women misusing our legs to warm their incredibly cold feet on. I can think of more fun ways of getting the circulation going though.
Mark Harrison – VP Sales