The world is changing. Every day, millions of people add their own touch to the World Wide Web and it’s getting more and more difficult to keep up with all the news. Google Alerts is the simplest way to get regular updates on what is happening in all of your areas of your interest.

Be prepared for new things

Prepare a web page or website using specific content with key words or search queries. Then when Google Alerts users select a search query that matches the keywords on your page it will potentially be popular in the future. Over time your page will get into the top Google Alerts with less effort and will soon become more popular.
How this can be applied to your dating site?
Try to keep an eye on unpopular or occasional search queries related to dating, as time goes by these queries will become more popular and you can adjust your meta tags to avoid becoming unpopular.

Niche sites

Using alerts is extremely helpful for niche sites. You will always know what topics are related to your niche, and what people interested in your niche are looking for and writing about.
How this can be applied to your dating site?
Set up an alert based on your niche and you will be amazed by how much search info you will start getting. Now you are on the same page with your market!

Keep an eye on competitors

Once the alerts are set up you will know what content your competitors are writing about and what they overlook (in your opinion). Reviewing the alerts might give you new ideas about SEO or blogging.
How this can be applied to your site?
See what other people are writing about and find your unique topic. Reading comments to find out what people are looking for gives you the opportunity to meet their needs.
Track your content for possible plagiarism by setting alerts to search for your key phrases.

Incoming links

Track incoming links that are pointed to your site by setting up an alert for your domain name.
If you want to track incoming links to a particular page (news on your site, for example), you can enter the exact page URL.
I hope these tips will help you to use Google Alerts not only for getting the latest news on celebrities and sports , but also as an efficient tool for your business!